Thursday, 7 February 2013

Convergence design - WARPED

Convergence design.  Workshop taught by Carole Wood at the Bramble Patch, with permission from Ricky Tims to teach this wonderful technique.

I had been caught in traffic and the weather was so hot that day in July.  Andrea was already well under way - I didn't tell her I was booked into the class as well.  I thought it would be a nice surprise to 'turn up'.  I did not anticipate the delay.   It was a rush on the day to get the FQs sewn up and cut into strips.  Narrowest strips towards the centre.  Then switch positions, resew, turn 90 degrees and slash again.  It's a great technique IF you can get the strips sewn as soon as you sew them.  Otherwise the strips would need to be labelled, before being put away to transport.  I called the finished lap quilt 'WARPED' after the heat wave weather that day, and the wobbly seams made it even more an apt title.

I arrived at the Bramble Patch three hours after Carole had started to teach everyone.  I had so much fabric to choose from with me that I my first big task was to pick four different fabrics - which also would converge into the middle of the design.

I did a lot of sewing that day, Carole helped me to catch up. At the end of the day, I left with almost the quilt top finished.  I was determined to finish it - so the day had not been wasted.  I add a small strip border, to frame it and bring out the orange in the batik design.  After this, I added a wider border, then bound it using the double fold technique.

I am very pleased to have finished it.  It has even been hand washed, still looks vivid.  I wasn't happy with the mauve fabric, so I tried to hide it with some hand sewing, using variegated thread, very therapeutic.

This was my second attempt at this design.  For the first one I used 'Free Spirit' fabric, designed by Ricky Tims himself.  It is still an UFO.

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