Thursday, 7 February 2013

Woolley Jumper bag - designed by Brenda Walker

I went to a class at the Bramble Patch.
Brenda was an inspiration.  At the class, Brenda had an embellishment pack to add to the bag.  Brenda's design had really, cute fluffy sheep appliqued on the front.  The pack also had a small piece of knitting on cocktail sticks! to represent the sheep knitting.  There was a rustic wooden fence, too.

I wanted it to be a sewing bag.  I used a FQ that had rows of sewing notions, which I used for the side  straps and handles.  The side straps are 'detachable' so the bag can grow if required.  There are pockets on the outside and one inside.  The middle panel was Osnaburg fabric.  The green check/heart fabric is a woven  design.  Andrea came to see me while I was in class, she helped me to pick the buttons, which match the style of the bag perfectly.

I am still using the bag today, it is keeping my crochet blanket & wool together.

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