Thursday, 7 February 2013

Log cabin design, using foundation piecing

This is a great blanket that seems to be ageless and I still have it on the back of the sofa.  Granddaughter and cats LOVE it.  Tiggy below did not want to pose on it for the photo though.  It's really cuddly and homely.  I have used it across my knees in the car AND at my desk at work.

Original I bought the soft flannel colourways to make robins, Brenda Walker style.  I took the stash to my Thursday Quilting group and a lady, sat at the furthest chair away said the colours and shades of the pile of FQs worked beautifully.  So I went home and cut the FQs into strips.

The actual design is Log cabin, worked using foundation piecing.  Each separate block took about an hour to sew up, on the Brother Innovis machine that I use.  I picked up a second hand Brother Galaxie when the Innovis went into Nutts for a service.  It has automatic thread cutter and a knee lifter.  The combination of the two 'new' features reduced by sewing time down to 30 mins per block.  Great time savers.

Foe the backing - I have used a whole piece of soft flannel.. It has washed lovely.

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