Sunday, 17 April 2011

Japanese folded bag - my first bag!

This is the first bag that I made!  It was a day workshop taught by Rachel, Sew Happy.  Rachel was an inspiration, she taught me that there is always a quicker way to do something, but that way was not always the best way! Rachel made me promise that I would finish it.

The 'bag making evolution' began with a class that I went to in Sutton Coldfield. Rachel showed us how to sew a 'stained glass' piece of fabric approx 54" x 22". It was then quilted using wadding & a lining fabric. Finished piece was then folded & made it a bag. I used purple batik fabric & black for the edging of the panel.

Stained glass technique: We started with 12" squares in four designs.  Stack up the layers, slash then mix n match  :)  add black bias strip & then slash again in the opposite direction.Then this was folded so the joins are diagonal.  no join on the base of the bag.  If you study the photo, you can make out the 12" squares.

The class was held at the Trinity Centre in Sutton Coldfield.  I finished the top of the quilted on the day, then added wadding & backing at home  :)  I did complete the bag as promised to Rachel.

The finished bag hung on a door handles for months before I used it. The colours looked so nice together & I didn't want to ruin it! by using it!!!   I was so proud about how it turned out.  But then once I stated using it - I did so daily  :)   I've had to replace the strap once, it needs attention again.

Currently, this bag is retired  :)

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