Monday, 18 April 2011

Whatever the weather - Eternal Spirit sewing wrap

Outside - when secured with ribbon

Andrea & I both fell into 'like-a-lot' with the pattern and the sample that they had made was yummy, but we both decided that the colours needed to be brighter.  I love the rainbow on the front panel  :)

It was from the The Button Company's stand.  Her daughter now has her own business called 'Eternal Spirit '.  Selling felt & fabrics  :)
Still not sure what to call the spool holder on the left inside.  It holds bobbins & reels of thread securely - so, a practical adaption!

Inside of wrap

The end of the scissor keeper secures onto the button for travelling/storage.  So if the scissors do escape they do not get very far :)  It's useful to have something dangling off your work scissors while you are using them.... easier to find.
Outside of wrap.

Andrea sewed her version, using all of the words on the pattern.  I only used words on the back, centre panel.  That's what makes homemade - unique  :)

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