Sunday, 17 April 2011

Textured wall hanging - with Carole Wood at the BP

I started a 6 weeks course, at the Bramble Patch, with Carole Wood. I created a textured wall hanging. I used creams & beige fabric.  Carole's version was pastel colours of the rainbow.

The finished wall hanging had 8 blocks.  Each one used a different technique. We prepared the first week, choosing colours & starting on two blocks. Second week we started blocks 3 & 4. Third week was blocks 5 & 6.  Fourth week blocks 7 & 8.  last week was putting it together & binding it.  I had NO idea how to do it!  My pieced project that I took into class on the last week 'horrified' Carolde.  It was then she realised, I was a rooky!  lol  She thought I knew what I was doing the previous weeks!  The edges should have been square!  We went for the rustic look!  Curved edges were deliberate!  (Honest!)

One was many layers of fabric, stitched in parallel lines.  Then slashed using a chenille cutter.  Pop in the washing machine AND tumble dry it to loosen the fibres & soften the edges. Beads were added to highlight the diagonal.

Altenate strips sewn into folds, over stitched in contrasting threads.  Press well.  Lie one wave to the left & the next - to the right  :)  Nice wavy effect.

Similar to the stiffer design, but multiple layers of fabric used.  Folded into squares, corners folded inwards. Centre blocks are half the size of the outer squares.   Wash and tumble dry to soften the edges up.  Add beads for sparkle.
Ties - turned to righ-side out.  Knot randomly & secure each end.

One used torn strips of fabric which were woven in & out like basket weaving.
One used a piece of pure wool felt, freestyle machine embroidery using vermicelli stitch.  Lots of wiggly stitches but NEVER over lap them.  Put the whole lot in the washing machine & then tumble dry it! You want the felt to shrink!  Start with a block 40% bigger than your finished size!  The top piece wrinkles up.  Add beads to make it sparkle.  Beads are hidden in the tucks.

Fifth block:  Orange Calypso drinking straws were covered in fabric.  & tied.
Sixth block:  Double-sided squares of fabric, edged & then folded inwards to form pockets.  The edges of the squares were joined together.  Lots of heavy bond-a-web was used.  I completed this block at Butlins - wrecked their iron!  lol  Finished result was quite stiff & very 3D.

The original wall hanging was sewn up 4 blocks by 2 rows. It was hung in the front room for few years, then it was re-jigged to hang behind the buffet unit in the dining room.  I used 6 blocks - in ONE row.  The two spare blocks are safely stored away.  Hence no photos for nos 5 & 6.

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