Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Primitive Pocket Bag - October 2007

 Another kit bought from the Button Angel ladies, at the Festival of Quilts 2007. I bought this bag as I felt I needed more pockets in my bags. This bag almost has too many pockets. 

I love the felt embellishments on the two end panels. I love the big felt button too. Made by layering up circles of felt. Embellished with bright red thread & french notes.

Two end panels on the gusset make up the sides. Elastic helps keep it all together. The outer shell of the body is a wool type fabric.  I bought it as a kit.

The Button Patch ladies , were giving away lovely aniseed rock this year.... AND I do NOT like aniseed!  This rock was lovely and not too sickly sweet.

This bag is now retired   :)

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