Monday, 11 April 2011

Primitive Friendship Angels - Autumn 2009

Andrea designed a wonderful little angels using calico, wooden beads & a piece of knitting! & some metallic mesh for the wings.
I made a template on the machine embroidery machine, Andrea turned the bodies & arms to the right way, & added the hair.  We made quite a few one day. We had a little production line set up :)  It is amazing what can be achieved with unravelled knitting and a glue gun :)

Each angels was popped into a cellophane pouch, with a poem:
'This is an Angel of Friendship, it’s sent with love to show
Our friendship means the world to me, more than you’ll ever know.
So even if we’re far apart or haven’t spoken for a while
This will remind you I think of you often, and always with a smile.
There is no need to unwrap it, but if you’re feeling blue
Just hold this angel close to your heart, because it’s filled with love for you.'

We also made Battenburg lace angels to sell.

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