Sunday, 10 April 2011

Magaret Every Challenge Cup Exhibition 2009 & 2010

Entry for 2009

Fabric chosen for this year's challenge
Hidden star quilt which I started with Andrea in the class designed to use a jelly roll.  Linda Chevin-Hall took the class, at the Bramble Patch, January 2009.  She was a lovely tutor - but said 'don't worry about the joins - it's not like you will be putting into a competition!  lol.  Andrea bought a roll of batiks to use for this project, some of which needed to be re-cut in the shop. :(.  I am not sure if Andrea finished her hidden stars quilt.  Andrea entered a piece called 'random rectangles' into this year's exihibition.

I backed my quilt with a piece of fabric bought from Marianne, Brownhills.  I called mine 'Good Intentions'.  As I STILL have good intentions of doing some more hand stitching on the plain blocks.  I did take it with me on the May Day weekend away - this year we went to the Cotswolds County Park. We spent a weekend with Quinny, Rachel & Archie.  Burnt sausages & evening gatherings in our lodge where popular that weekend :)  as the Ashbys, Tomkinsons & Walkinshaws were living tent & caravans  :)  Lovely weather - but not quite Butlins  :)  James had his third birthday bash in the awning. I managed to get some top stitching done.  Please note the cheesy smile!

I took the quilt while I was piecing the blocks together, to show the Tuesday Patchers and then we popped round to see Joy.  We had the block laid out on her lounge floor trying to work out which block should go where. Jan was a great help crawling on the floor, while Joy & I pointed to swaps & changes that needed to be made.  It is the biggest quilt that I have made...  so far!  I don't thing I will attempt a bigger one.  Not in the foresee-able future!

still on the sofa  :)  looking good

It's still looking good, even after 2 years on the sofa!

The cats still love it!

 June 2010...
2010 entry

This is me with the quilt I named 'I hope'.  We were asked to use fabric with a text design on.  I found some newspaper print in my fabric stash & used some fabric that I bought YEARS ago  :) Andrea's entry can be seen on the right of this photo!

Heart felt giggles  :)
Andrea's entry for 2010: 'Random Hearts'

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